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Our fleet of aircraft is the finest anywhere

As a privately owned, not for profit, flying club our first concern is the safety and quality of our fleet. All of our planes are hangared at Bishop International (KFNT) in Flint, Michigan. Each plane has an IFR certified GPS. Every member pilot has the authority to ground an aircraft if he feels there is a safety concern.


N3559E 2001 Cessna Skylane 182T

N3559E230 HP, fuel injected; 145kts; JP Instruments EDM-700 engine monitor; McCauley Constant Speed, 3 Blade Metal Propeller; KMA-28 Audio Panel/Marker Beacon/Intercom; Dual KX-155A NAV/COM with Glide Slope; KLN-94 GPS IFR; KMD-550 Multi-Functional Display System; HSI; KI-209A VOR/LOC/GS Indicator w/GPS; useful load 661.0 with full fuel.



N518SP 2000 Cessna Skyhawk 172SP


130 hours (11/03/2003); 180 HP; 120kts; KMA26 Audio Panel, Marker Beacon, Intercom; KLN-94 Color GPS; Dual KX155A Nav/Com; KT76C Transponder; KAP140 Auto pilot; KR87 ADF; Dual PTT; Dual Vacuum Pump; Tanis Engine heater; Leather interior; Strobes; Wheel pants; 53gal usable fuel; 887lbs load carrying capacity.




N6294T 1983 Cessna Skylane 182RG

N6294T 235HP; Garman GNS-430 combination Nav/Com/GPS; Cessna #2 Nav/Com w/ digital display; WX-10A Stormscope; ADF; DME; HSI; and Cessna two-axis autopilot w/ altitude hold. 4-place intercom w/ music input; Strobes; Automatic standby vacuum pump; EGT; Electric trim; PTT; useful load 642.8 with full fuel.




N818CD 1997 Piper Archer III PA-28-181

N818CD IFR certified; Dual NAV/COM KX155; ADF King; Transponder with Mode C; 4-place intercom; King KAP140 Auto Pilot; BF Goodrich StormScope WX-950; Color KLN94 GPS; KCS55A HSI; Electric Trim; EGT; Strobes; Wheel pants; EZ Block heater; useful load 530.0 with full fuel.




How we calculate the hourly rate

  • We use “tach hours”, which (very simply put) is based on the time which the engine is actually running. Tach time accumulates more slowly at lower engine RPM’s and progressively faster as engine RPM’s increase.
  • We use a “base rate”, which represents the hourly “wet” cost of operating the aircraft with a $4.00/gallon allowance.
  • We add a “fuel surcharge”, which represents the average GFPA cost of fuel at the KFNT self-service pump for the preceding month.


Here is a table of the actual hourly rate, including fuel surcharge

Updated October 23, 2017


Aircraft N6294T N3559E N818CD N518SP
Net rate $152.40 $150.40 $110.40 $110.40
Fuel usage (gal/hour) 14 14 9 9
Fuel price (max. for previous month) $4.60 $4.60 $4.60 $4.60
Fuel surcharge basis (based on $4/gal) $0.60 $0.60 $0.60 $0.60
Base rate (per tach hour) $144.00 $142.00 $105.00 $105.00
Fuel surcharge (per tach hour) $8.40 $8.40 $5.40 $5.40