Flight School vs Flying Club

It is one of the most common questions asked when someone is seeking to get their pilots license.  Should I attend a flight school or join a flying club? Unless you have been living under a rock in the aviation community these two terms have most likely been in your vocabulary since the beginning.  But for those looking get their private pilots license it may be one of the most

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Michigan Takes Flight

What young man or young woman has not dreamed of the ability to spread wings and fly. To escape the effects of gravity and soar into the sky is an aspiration that has inspired mankind for eons. Only in the last century has that vision the Wright Brothers achieved become a common reality. The Greater Flint Pilots Association is committed to keeping that dream alive for the next generation of general aviators.

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Greater Flint Pilots Association Piper Archer III

For most people the idea of flying may seem like a dream or an unattainable goal. You may be shocked to hear that there are many general aviation enthusiasts that once felt the same way and are now private pilots thanks to flying clubs around the country. These pilots have been able to share the joy of personal aviation with friends and family, traveling to far-away places in much less time

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