Flight Instructors

When you begin flying lessons, you will continue to learn new skills and hone current skills with each flight. Once you have the piloting skills and knowledge required to fly alone, your flight instructor will send you off for your first solo flight. This exciting occasion is your first opportunity to “challenge your skills” by using what you’ve learned to fly the plane as pilot in command.

Even after earning your pilot certificate, you will continue to fly with flight instructors so you can maintain your skills and stay proficient. You may even choose to add on additional ratings or certificates. After earning their private pilot certificate, many pilots choose to add on an instrument rating so they can fly in poor-visibility weather. The training for that rating will make you a more proficient pilot and will also help to increase your confidence.

It is often said that a good pilot is always learning, and that’s one of the exciting things about aviation. There is always something more to learn.

These instructors are also members of Greater Flint Pilots Association.

For GFPA Members: You must use one of these instructors for all GFPA currency requirements and initial aircraft checkouts.

For non-GFPA Members: These instructors are available for general flight training. Why not contact one and learn how to fly today?

Name Phone Number CFII
David Burch 810-853-9730 Yes
Matt Hart 810-938-2411
Mike Marvin 810-624-0404 Yes
Joe Taylor 248-375-1718 Yes
Norm Werth 810-444-5251