About Our Flying Club

Are you a pilot looking for other pilots who love to fly as much as you do?  Have you considered flying lessons with a flight school, but want a better investment?

Greater Flint Pilots Association was incorporated on March 19, 1975. Today, as a modern, progressive and professional non-profit corporation, it is dedicated to the safety and advancement of aviation.  We believe that you will find GFPA to be one of the finer flying clubs in the state of Michigan.  You don’t need to take our word for it.  Check out this discussion of various flying clubs and see how GFPA stacks up.


Highlights of GFPA

  • Reasonable Fees
  • Newer & Better Maintained Aircaraft
  • Instructors who fly for the joy of flying
  • Easy online scheduling 24 hours a day
  • Excellent hangars, tugs, and various equipment
  • Informative safety meetings 
  • and so much more!


Ready to upgrade to a larger airplane?

Cessna Skylane 182T
The GFPA 2001 Cessna Skylane 182T

GFPA has some of the best high performance aircraft in Michigan.  Our flagship, N3559E, a 2001 Cessna 182T… new engine, new leather, new panel, new paint. Of course… It’s (like) new!  A crisp 145kts (well, maybe downhill.  But, you can still plan at 140kts!) A KLN94 GPS coupled to a KMD-550 Multi Function Display and a JP Instruments engine monitor round out the package.


Ready to start your pilot training with the ability to pay as you go?

  • $3,500 Member Equity
  • $100/month dues
  • $75 non-refundable background check
  • New members can defer 50% of their equity by making one initial payment of $1,750 (1/2 of equity) and then making twelve (12) equal monthly payments of $145.83 (1/2 of equity), starting with the first month of membership.
  • Aircraft rates are by Tach hour, wet.


Already a pilot and want to upgrade to that all-important IFR rating?

  • All aircraft are IFR capable with IFR current GPS
GFPA has Certified Flight Instructors ready to guide you from your first flight all the way through your checkride.

Student pilots are welcome. Many GFPA members pursue advanced ratings, such as instrument rating, commercial rating, and flight instructor (CFI).  Several of the GFPA members are Michigan flight instructors and can prepare you for primary and advanced ratings.  All GFPA instructors teach on a part time basis and make themselves available as their personal schedule permits.


GFPA has something to offer you!